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Our daughter Madison receives speech therapy at Pathways to Speech. Her therapist Erin is so great with her. She is patient and has really helped Madison develop her speech. Overall, we have had a great experience at Pathways to Speech.

Kent & Jinny

My daughter was almost 3 and had only a handful of single words when she started seeing the pathologists at Pathways to Speech. Within a few months, the therapists were able to bring more speech and engagement out of her. She has continually improved since. Sessions are play-based and the therapists are always very calm, sweet and patient.


Our experience with Erin here at Pathways to Speech has been great! We have seen such positive outcomes in our daughter since coming to Pathways.


When my son Alonzo first came here he didn’t talk a lot and didn’t say many words. Now it’s been 5 months and he’s saying a lot of words and making more eye contact. I’m glad he came here and hope to continue to come here until he gets a lot better.


When my 2 year old son started out he had a vocabulary of approximately five words. Months later, thanks to his twice weekly speech therapy sessions, he now composes full sentences and enthusiastically learns more and more words every day. Pathways to Speech gave him the tools needed to boost his expressive language skills. At 2 1/2 he is a bubbly talker.


This program has helped my son. He only had sounds, and now he has improved so much he speaks 200 words. Emily has helped him tremendously.


“My son came to this program at 2 and could not speak 10 words. During the first month coming here to see Miss Emily, my son was trying a lot harder and was saying more words. Now about to be 3 years old, he rambles on and on in good effort trying to say his words as clearly as possible. I definitely think these classes helped him a great deal and would recommend them to other families as well. Now he speaks over 300 words!



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